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The hair and makeup trial is often considered to be one of the most important parts of wedding planning for the bride. Many brides may think that a hair and makeup trial is unnecessary, and therefore skip it to save the additional expense, but the truth is, hair and makeup are two of the things you have the most control over on your wedding day. By having a trial done beforehand, you can show up in the morning with full confidence that you’ll love how you look.

How Do Hair and Makeup Trials Work?

A few months before the big day, brides will want to book a hair and makeup trial appointment with their day-of vendors. This trial is a preliminary run-through of your complete wedding look in order to ensure your day-of hair and makeup goes smoothly. Trials can determine which styles you like, how long your hair will take, and if there are any things you need to implement before then, such as a new skincare or hair wash routine. You should plan to do your trial with the hair and makeup artist that you’ve booked for the day of your wedding to ensure that you’re comfortable with the end product.

Why Do I Need a Hair and Makeup Trial?

A lot of brides think to themselves, “Do I really need a hair and makeup trial?” We think the answer is YES in most cases, and for a few reasons. You want to ensure that the person you choose to create your hair and makeup look is capable of meeting your expectations. It also helps you better determine how much time is needed to create your wanted look. You may think that two hours is long enough, but when both you and your stylists are working together for the first time, there are going to be setbacks. The last thing you want is to go over your allotted getting-ready time and be late for your ceremony. A trial can also help you realize that the style you want is not the style for you. While you may think an updo is your goal, you may think differently after you see it done on yourself at the trial. 

When Should I Book My Hair and Makeup Trial?

Hair and makeup stylists can book up to a year in advance, so it’s up to the bride when she feels a hair and makeup trial will be most beneficial. The standard time frame is 8-12 weeks in advance, but many indecisive brides will start early in case they have to book multiple trials. 

Before Your Hair and Makeup Trial

Prior to your hair and makeup trial, there are a few things you will want to take care of, such as:

  • Get to know your makeup artist before your trial
  • Find inspiration photos
  • Purchase any accessories
  • Get yourself wedding-ready
  • Pick 1-2 people to join you
  • Consider the climate 

Get to know your cosmetologist and makeup artist before your trial

While you’ll get the chance to talk with your stylists at your trial, see if they can meet for lunch or coffee prior to your trial. This will allow both you and your stylist to ask questions, connect, and learn a little bit more about each other without the pressure of doing your hair and makeup. 

Find inspirational photos

Pinterest is a great resource for inspirational photos. You can find all kinds of hairstyle options to try, including something you may not have thought of yet. It’s important to have an idea of what you like going into your hair and makeup trial, and bringing inspirational photos can make the job a lot easier for your stylists. 

Purchase any accessories

If you plan to wear any accessories on your wedding day, purchase them before you attend your hair and makeup trial. You’ll want to make sure that whatever hairstyle you choose will complete your veil, hairpiece, or earrings. Some brides find it better to have free reign for their hair and makeup and choose to purchase their accessories after their trial, but we find it is much less stressful to plan your hair around your accessories than to plan your accessories around your hair.  

Get yourself wedding-ready

Any haircuts, extensions, color changes, or tanning should be done before your trial. Your stylist will want to know exactly what they’re working with on the day of, as a length or thickness difference can significantly the amount of time needed to complete the hairstyle. As for color changes and tanning, your makeup artist will want to try out color combinations that work with your hair color and skin tone. If your artist settles on something and you look completely different on the day of your wedding, it can seriously complicate the makeup process and you may not be happy with how you look. 

Pick 1-2 people to join you

You don’t want a full house at your hair and makeup trial, but you may want one or two people to give their opinions. While constructive criticism can be helpful, you also don’t want your entourage to be tearing you down during your trial. Try to stick with people who will give you honest opinions but also encourage you with positivity throughout your trial. 

Consider the climate 

If you find a hairstyle you absolutely love when looking for inspiration, it’s important to consider the climate on your wedding day. A wedding in Seattle during the spring months may not be the best time to wear voluminous curls that need to stay dry. On the other hand, if your wedding is in the Arizona desert during the summer, an updo may be smarter so that you don’t overheat. Showing your stylist a hairstyle inspiration photo that will never work on your wedding day will waste both your and the stylist’s time. By narrowing down your options, you may have the opportunity to test out more than one hairstyle. 

At Your Hair and Makeup Trial

When the day of your hair and makeup trial arrives, there are a few things you will want to have with you and take into account, such as:     

  • Replicate your day-of neckline and color palette
  • Bring your go-to products
  • Take note of the timing
  • Listen to your stylist/makeup artist’s expertise
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up

Replicate your day-of neckline and color palette

Your hair should complement everything you wear on the day of your wedding, so try your hardest to replicate your dress neckline and color palette. If you are wearing white on your wedding day, your makeup artist will make sure to pick colors and shades that work well with that. Your hairstyle will also look different depending on the neckline of your dress, so wearing a top that resembles your wedding day neckline can help you see exactly how your hair will look against your dress.

Bring your go-to products

If there is a particular foundation, eye shadow palette, or mascara that you really love, go ahead and bring it to your trial. Even though your stylist should have their own makeup, sometimes bringing your own can help with color matching. If you have sensitive skin, bring that up to your stylist and let them know which products you can and can not use. 

Take note of the timing

Hair and makeup are not a quick process even if you've had a trial. In order to give yourself ample time to get ready on the morning of your wedding, you’ll want to take note of how long it takes both your hairstylist and makeup artist to complete their portions. The last thing you want is to allocate two hours for hair and makeup on your wedding day but it ends up taking three and you’re late for your ceremony. 

Listen to your stylist and makeup artist’s expertise

Even if you go into your trial knowing exactly what you want, you should listen to your stylist’s expertise. They are professionals in their field and anything they suggest could be to your benefit. While you should advocate for yourself and what you want, don’t go into your trial unwilling to compromise. 

Don’t be afraid to speak up

If you don’t like something, speak up! Your hair and makeup could look amazing, but if you don’t feel like it’s representative of who you are, make sure your stylist knows that. While you should always be polite when you give any criticism to your stylist, don’t beat around the bush if they ask what you think. At the end of the day, you're paying them for a service that is a big part of your wedding day success and you want to look your absolute best. 

After Your Hair and Makeup Trial

When your hair and makeup trial is over and done with, there’s just one more question you have to ask yourself - “what should I do now?” 

Verify day-of details

If you’re content with how your hair and makeup trial went, you’ll want to verify the details for the day of your wedding with your stylist. Go over pricing, arrival time, and what hair and makeup style you and your stylist decided on. 

Don’t let it go to waste

Many brides wonder - “what should I do after my hair and makeup trial?” Our answer? Don’t let it go to waste! If you can make it happen, many brides will schedule their trial to happen on the day of their engagement shoot or bridal shower, or during their bachelorette party. Since you’re already primed and pretty, you may as well use it to your advantage. Even if you can’t make one of those days happen, consider going out to a nice dinner with your fiance. 

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