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Once the excitement from your engagement wears off, it’s time to start planning. You may already have a date in mind, or you may be totally open to any season. Regardless, each month has its own pros and cons when it comes to the best month to have a wedding.


Winter weddings are popular for two reasons: it is being held in the Southern states, or the couple wants to incorporate the holidays. Whether it’s snowfall, fireplaces, or limiting costs that you’re going for, November, December, and January are all great months to have a wedding.


December weddings are usually full of evergreens, holly, and lots of cheer.. Your guests will not have to deal with the heat of summer, and although it may be cold outside, you can incorporate fireplaces, hot cocoa bars for dessert, and tons of wreaths to make it seem cozier. Since your vendors are less busy, you may also be able to receive extras or discounts at no additional cost to you. However, since December is the holiday season, it’s important to notify your family and friends of your chosen date far in advance. Vacations and family functions are common during the month of December, and late notice may result in more invitation declines than you expected. 


January is considered by the industry to be the least busy wedding month. This is amazing news, as your list of venues will probably have open dates! The sun sets early, meaning an early afternoon wedding will feel like a late night to your guests. MLK weekend is a three-day weekend for most, and guests traveling may be more inclined to attend if they do not have to use vacation time. Although the cold weather can be a gamble, an indoor venue decorated with dramatic lighting and warm tones can make your guests forget about the snowstorm outside. 


What better month to have a wedding than the month of love itself? February is another great month for couples on a budget who want to snap some sought-after vendors, potentially for a lower price. Although the weather can still be hit or miss, you can begin to mix the reds and pinks of spring with your winter decor. While you will still most likely be limited to an indoor celebration, you may have just enough daylight to slip outside and take a few winter photos. 


Rising temperatures and blooming flowers make springtime a sought-after wedding season. It’s not too cold but still not too warm, and many brides have the option of both indoor and outdoor venues. 


March is the least popular spring wedding month, but that means you should still have your pick of dates and vendors. Couples trying to save but don’t want to deal with the peak of winter often go for March weddings. Daylight Savings Time rolls around at the end of March, giving you an extra hour of daylight to celebrate. As far as holidays go, there aren’t many long weekends to help your out-of-town guests with travel, but this also means there should be as many conflicts. As long as you ensure your venue has plans for rain, as Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall do, your wedding day should go off without a hitch.


Are you familiar with the saying “April showers bring May flowers?” If you are, I’m sure you realize that an April wedding is hit or miss when it comes to weather. If you are planning a fully indoor wedding or are content with the potential of one, April may be the best month to have a wedding. As the final month before wedding season hits its peak, vendors and venues should still be less busy during this time, allowing you your pick of dates and the potential for lower costs. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a beautiful spring day, the natural beauty cannot be beaten. 


Once May rolls around, vendors are preparing for peak wedding season. By now, the heavy rain should have passed and every flower is in bloom, creating natural beauty that you may not find in other months. Your guests are likely to have not yet attended a wedding this year, making yours the first of the season. Guests are also much less likely to be on vacation, and no major sporting events are scheduled that can get in the way of high attendance. 


If you’ve attended a wedding in the past, you’ve most likely attended one in the summer. Because of summer break, sunny weather, and what can seem like endless daylight, summer is one of the more popular times for weddings to be held. 


The month of June is named after Juno, the Roman Goddess of Marriage, and its popularity for weddings dates back to antiquity. Although that’s not today’s reason for June’s wedding popularity, there are many other reasons that June is considered by many to be the best month to have a wedding. Rarely will you find a day marked by unpredictable weather in June. Most days are warm and sunny, allowing for an outside ceremony to take place. Because it’s so popular, many couples that go for June dates often have long engagements, allowing them to secure their vendors over a year in advance. Do keep in mind that pricing is also at its highest during the summer months for some vendors.


If your goal is to party into the night, July is the best month to have your wedding. In most states, it doesn’t get dark until well after 9 PM, meaning there is more time to spend celebrating than in the cooler months. Flower lovers can have their pick of pretty much anything as most flowers are in full bloom during this season. School is out and Independence Day is celebrated, allowing traveling guests to attend your wedding without taking vacation time or pulling their kids out of school. 


August is an extremely popular month for weddings despite the high temperatures and potential for natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires. Many couples who are in school or work in education see August as the last hurrah before their semester kicks in and therefore decide to celebrate their wedding this month. It’s one of the warmest months and barring all natural disasters, the weather should hold up during your big day. 


It turns out that a lot of couples gravitate toward fall weddings. In fact, 36% of couples get married in the fall, which makes sense if you’re looking to take advantage of the natural colors and changing foliage. 


September is the second most popular month to get married in, and it’s no surprise when you think about everything fall brings. Not only do you avoid the summer crowds and preplanned family vacations, but you also get beautiful weather and priceless views of changing leaves. For couples looking to beat the heat, a September afternoon offers crisp air and cooler nights. While your guests may need to bring a light jacket, no one should be sweating off their makeup or shivering in their dress. Couples looking to plan a September wedding should start early. Dates are heavily sought after and prices are often higher due to demand. 


October comes in as the most popular month for weddings, especially in the Southern states, and it’s for good reason. The weather is beautiful, fall foliage is in full swing, and you don’t have holidays to compete with. Couples who have their heart set on an outdoor wedding may gravitate towards October because of its dependable weather and low chance for rain. In the Northern U.S, there is a chance for cooler weather, but it should not be snow season just yet. Couples have the opportunity to offer fall-harvested foods, fireplaces, and even cozy blankets to their guests. Since October is considered by many to be the best month to have a wedding, couples should start planning early in order to get their desired dates and vendors. 


The month of November bridges the gap between Fall and Winter. For many, it’s the beginning of the holiday season, and what better time to celebrate your marriage with your family and friends? November weddings are often the last sign of fall foliage, and it hasn’t hit peak cold weather in many of the states. Produce such as squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes are in season, allowing your reception menu to be hearty and healthy. If you plan to invite out-of-town guests, you may want to consider having your wedding on Veteran’s Day weekend, as this is a three-day weekend for many office workers. 

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