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There are so many options available when it comes to choosing a wedding theme - traditional, rustic, and beach-themed just to name a few. Before you can decide on a wedding theme, you need to have a full understanding of what exactly this entails. Your chosen theme will be the guide to every decision you make regarding your wedding - the decor, color scheme, and possibly even food options. You want all of these things to work together to showcase your and your partner's personalities, both individually and as a couple. 

Ask Yourself These Questions

The beginning of the wedding planning process can be overwhelming, but you can start to narrow down your options by asking yourself a few questions. 

  • How did you and your partner meet?
  • What activities do you enjoy doing together?
  • Do you want formal attire, or will your wedding be more casual?
  • What colors do you typically surround yourself with?
  • What are your shared interests - food, hobbies, etc?

By answering these questions together you can start to narrow down what it is you want your wedding to portray. Maybe the city you met is special to you and your partner, so you’re determined to choose a venue in that city. If you’re someone who enjoys bright colors and patterns, you may want to think about a themed or non-traditional wedding. Determining what you want your wedding to say about you and your partner is the first step to choosing a theme that best fits your personality. 

Things to Consider When Choosing A Theme

If you’re still overwhelmed by the number of options out there, there are a few factors you can consider that can sway your decision in one direction or another. 

  • The Venue
  • Color Scheme
  • Season
  • Budget

The Venue

The venue you choose can make a huge difference in the theme you pick, and vice versa. You may love an outdoorsy and nature theme but hope to host your ceremony in a traditional church venue. Maybe a winter-themed wedding was your goal but nowhere around has the tall evergreens you’d hope would bring it together. Once you tour a few venues, you may begin to imagine yourself hosting a wedding in the space. What’s the ambiance like? How have previous couples decorated the space? The venue is the largest and most difficult to change a piece of your theme, and it will set the tone and general aesthetic of your wedding.

Color Scheme

Your color scheme will significantly impact your theme, so it’s important to determine which colors are must-haves and which should be eliminated completely. You will want to think about which colors will look best not only against the backdrop of your venue but against the skin tones of you and your bridal party.


The seasons are important for helping determine a theme. If your wedding is in the winter, for example, you could focus on cool colors, such as whites and blues, or romantic, cozy colors such as maroon and green. Some brides are very specific about the date they want their wedding to be held on, and in those cases, you can narrow down your options to themes that fit within your season. 

Your Budget

Despite people’s expectations and what you see on social media, you do not have to max out your credit cards and drain your savings to pay for your wedding. Certain themes will cost more than others, so you can immediately mark off a few options if you know they won’t fit into your budget. Themes that require intensely detailed decorations, large arches, and hundreds of real florals may not be realistic for couples who are working with a $10,000 budget. 

Wedding Theme Inspiration

If you’re still struggling to decide on your wedding theme, you may benefit from looking at other brides’ wedding themes and decor. Once you find inspiration that pulls you in, you can begin to put your own spin on things in order to tailor them to you and your partner’s personality. A few popular wedding themes include:

  • Rustic or Vintage
  • Fairytale
  • Minimalist
  • Traditional

Rustic or Vintage

Couples who choose rustic or vintage themes for their wedding are usually lovers of natural things, self-proclaimed outdoor enthusiasts, and leaders of a simple life. Barns, mountainsides, and retreats are great venues for this theme because of the natural beauty they bring to the table. Little decor is needed, and you can celebrate the outdoors. Long tables carved from wood seat your guests and the only florals you need are greenery. 


Fairytale weddings are for dreamers and those who want to be the center of attention all night long. Couples can find inspiration in classic fairy tales like Cinderella, equipped with big bouquets, a horse-drawn carriage, and a ballgown-style wedding dress. Your happily ever after is nothing short of glamorous when celebrated fairytale-style. 


A minimalist wants to clear the clutter and eliminate the unnecessary so they can get down to what the day is really about - the couple. You want to be intentional about the decorations, who you invite, the wedding dress, and the venue. Lines are clean, lettering is neat, and florals are presented in whites and beiges. A minimalist wedding theme is all about embracing the “less is more” approach and ignoring the pressure to host an elaborate party.


A traditional wedding is a separate location for the ceremony and reception, with cathedral-length trains, big bouquets, and luxury place settings. Many weddings deemed traditional can also be derived from one or both of the couple's cultures, such as traditional dress, customs, or food.

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