Your Wedding and the Coronavirus

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How to pick a new date

You're having to postpone your wedding due to the national shutdown and the thought of waiting another year is absolutely unbearable. Your feelings are completely valid, especially since you've been waiting a lifetime for this day. When it comes to choosing a new wedding date, be sure to check with your wedding venue first, then determine which dates your key vendors are available. Remember, Fridays and Sundays could be a great option! If all of the Saturdays are gone, consider a winter wedding.


You might be thinking that your colors, theme, and all the other details were geared toward a spring or summer wedding. Don't fret! You can work with this.

Consider changing your menu items to heavier comfort food. This will warm up your reception and be more fitting for the fall or winter season.

Talk to your florist about adding deeper burgundies and darker greenery to the florals around your venue. Florals go such a long way when transforming a space.

If the bridesmaids' dresses feel too summery, consider adding a shawl. We LOVE these statement pieces and they photograph so well!

For your linens, add rich velvets or heavier textured fabrics. Once again, this can warm up your venue and match the seasons with ease.


At the end of the day, your guests will be ready to get out of the house and attend a fabulous event full of family and friends. The date, time, and guest count may alter, but your sweet story remains the same. Embrace this new plan! You might find that winter is your new favorite wedding season.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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