Your New Last Name

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What do I do first?

Your marriage license might say your new last name, but there are still a few things you need to do to make your new last name official. Here are a four of the most important things to remember once you've decided to take a new last name.



Be sure to get several copies of your marriage license! You're going to need it for everything. Consider keeping a copy of it at your parents house. This is one of those very important documents that you'll need to keep up with!


Change your social security card. Your numbers will remain the same, but you'll need to have the name updated. Go online to the social security administration website and you'll find the directions there. It takes about 10 days to receive your new card, so it's a super quick process that is also very necessary.


Get your new name on your drivers license. Go to your local DMV, take your old drivers license, your marriage certificate, and your social security card, and make it happen!


Next up, change your name on your bank account! Go to your local branch, bring your drivers license and your marriage certificate, and be sure to get checks with your new name on them.

Don't forget!

Some of these things can be done with a phone call, but be sure to make the name change on all of these things to save you and your new spouse confusion down the road.

âž© Post office

âž© Electric, gas, and other utility companies

âž© Credit cards

âž© Landlord or mortgage company

âž© Insurance Company

âž© Doctor's and dentist's offices

âž© Passport

Have fun with your brand new last name! Happy Wedding Planning!


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