Why You Should WAIT to Open the Buffet

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Why we recommend not opening the food buffet until AFTER the first dance

If you open your buffet, your guests will be up and moving around, they might have their backs to the dance floor, guests tend to start talking once they get their food, and you'll have the noise of silverware and china clanging. All of these things and more take away from the bride and groom!


From the bride's perspective, she will want to see the gorgeous layout of the space, the table settings, the centerpieces - everything that she has worked so hard on. Once the guests begin eating, the entire look changes.


The only time we do recommend opening the food is when you know that it is going to be a long time before you are announced at the reception. When you have loads of photos to take after the ceremony, your guests might get hungry and wander off. To ensure that everyone stays satisfied and happy, it might be best to provide some nourishment or drinks.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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