What Not To Do at a Wedding

From happenings in the wedding industry to real weddings at Evergrove Estates, we’re here to provide you with all the bridal inspo that you could need!

1. Don’t be late!! 

Be on time! If you know you are notoriously late or take forever to get ready, make sure to plan ahead so you can be on


2. Don’t wear white or ivory!!

This can be considered rude and it makes people focus on you and not the bride. Also, try not to match the

bridesmaid’s dresses either.

3. Don’t try to change details on the day of the wedding!!

If all of the venders have finalized decisions with the bride do not overrule the bride’s choices. Just focus on the bride

and what makes her happy. 

4. Don’t try to steal the show!!

Be supportive and available and make this day about the bride and groom. If you have had one to many drinks, try to

avoid the dance floor. 

5. If you cannot stand your new son-in-law or his family…. It is time to leave that in the past.

The bride and groom have decided to get married, so it is time to put that all behind you. Let it be a day of healing.

The wedding day starts a whole new life for two families. 

6. Wedding days are stressful, especially if you are the mother of the bride. 

Remember to show class and be patient to those around you. 

7. Stay calm!!

Everyone tends to follow the mother’s lead. If you go off the deep end it will have a domino effect. 

8. Remember whose wedding day this is!

This is not an opportunity for you relive your wedding or a way to do things differently than you did. This is their day and their chance to shine!


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