Unique Ways to Walk Down the Aisle

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A special part of your wedding is deciding how you want to walk down the aisle. Whether that is with a loved one,

alone, or with a furry friend walking down the aisle is a unique decision all up to you! We have come up with six ways

that you can walk down the aisle on your wedding day.

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1. Walking down the aisle with your mother can be a great idea especially if there not is a male role model in your life. If

you ask your mother to be your escort, she will be thrilled!

2. You could walk down the aisle with you mom and your dad! This can be a great way to include both parents on your

special day!

3. You could walk down the aisle halfway by yourself and then have your loved one meet you to finish the walk. It

shows your independence but is still traditional. 

4. Walking down the aisle alone is always an option too. You do not have to have anyone escort you.

5.  You could walk with your stepfather and your father. Why not be accompanied by two major men in your life?

6. Walking down the aisle with your furry friend is another great and unique way to walk down the aisle! A lot of people

see their pets as a part of their family and the photos would be adorable! Plus, having your pet their might bring a

sense of calmness to you!


Whatever way you decide to walk down the aisle make sure it is what you want! Sometimes there can be pressure

because of the traditional view of walking down the aisle. Just remember that this is your day and whatever makes you

the most comfortable is what you should do!

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