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Marriage is a lifetime of happiness with the person that you love most but being married also has its hard

days. Because of this, we are sharing different tips to keep your marriage full of happiness and romance. 

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Have Fun!

Life is Hard, if there’s one person you should have fun with it is with your spouse. Whatever you enjoyed doing when

you were dating keep doing it. The best thing you can say to your spouse is, “You’re my best friend.”

Brag about you spouse

Lift up your spouse to your friends and family every chance you get. Sometimes when people get together with their

friends there is a big tendency for them to “trash talk” their spouse. Resist that urge; It is unhealthy!! Be the odd one

out that says, “I love my spouse.” 

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Keep the Romance Alive

It is easy to fall into a dull routine after marriage so make sure to go on dates often! One idea is to make your room

look like a beautiful hotel roomwith candles and flowers. Stay honeymooners for years to come!

Communicate you Thoughts and Feelings

There’s no such thing as over-communicating something. Talk to your spouse about anything and everything! You will

feel closer to each other when you both communicate. There are no secrets in a healthy marriage.

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Forgive Easily

You will make mistakes and fight in marriage. Because of this, forgiveness is a necessary part of marriage: Be the first

one to say you're sorry, don’t hold grudges, and most importantly don’t keep bringing it back up! If it has been

forgiven-then let it go!

Fight Naked

This one is hilarious, but true. You will not stay mad for long. It is impossible for two people to fight naked. 

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Keep Your Promises

Marriage is a commitment. Always remember why you married that person in the first place. It is not always going to be

easy. Some days it is going to be extremely hard, so you are going to have to work on it every single day. In the end, it

is definitely worth it!

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