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Your Mother-In-Law & Wedding Planning

Dealing with your future mother-in-law can be difficult, but during the months leading up to your wedding, it can turn into a monster-in-law situation. We all know that MOST mother-in-law's are wonderful, go-with-the-flow, and supportive of almost everything. But, of course, we've all heard a horror story or two. If you're dealing with a difficult-to-handle mother-in-law, here are a few ways that we suggest you handle it.



First, remember that while you might have issues with your future mother-in-law, they are still your fiancé's mom, and they are important to them. Try to talk openly and honestly with your fiancé and encourage them to have a conversation with their mom to tell them how excited they are for the future. Remember, this is her child's wedding too. If you recognize what a milestone this is for her, it might go a long way in helping her accept you.


Types of Mother-in-Laws

There are various types of mother-in-laws that may be difficult to deal with, and they all need to be dealt with in a special way.

The jealous mother-in-law. She's cold and critical because she feels you have replaced her in her child's life. If she makes judge-mental remarks toward you or your relationship, just treat it with silence. Look at her, smile, and say nothing. After a few minutes, she will lose her steam and potentially reflect on what just happened. It's always better to kill her with kindness.

The know-it-all mother-in-law. She gives her opinion on everything you're doing, like your friends, your parenting, your spending, and your home. Stay calm, nod, say an "ah-mhm", and let it go. Don't try to tailor your life to suit her.

The nagging mother-in-law. She nags, scolds, and whines when things don't go her way. Remember, take care of yourselves and find a way to protect your marriage. Your first priority now is each other, NOT your parents.


Even if none of these describe your future mother-in-law, and hopefully it doesn't, it's important to always show a united front with your new spouse. Remember, a mother will always be a mother, and your new spouse has plenty of love to go around.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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