The Difference a Cocktail Hour Can Make

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Imagine this: The wedding ceremony ends, it’s a beautiful fall day, and the photographer calls the bride, groom, and family to begin taking photos. While the guests are overjoyed over the beautiful ceremony they just watched, they’re wondering what is next. This is the point where a cocktail hour can save the day. 

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Conveniently located adjacent to the garden is the spacious courtyard. Covered in vintage brick and beautiful blooms, it's the perfect spot for your guests to take photos and relax before the reception begins!

Here, guests have a designated place to mingle and explore the grounds while the photographer has the attention of the bride and groom. 


One of the beauties of having this special hour is the versatility it offers. Here, you could open the bar with a unique signature drink, or introduce a fun drink station, such as our fruity drink station! This station in particular includes strawberry lemonade, raspberry tea, and beautiful infused waters. It's a crowd favorite for sure!

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Offering a light passed hors d’oeuvre, like our fruit and cheese skewers, is a fun way to entertain the guests while the the bride and groom are committed elsewhere for the time being. While we don't typically recommend passing more than two hors d'oeuvres, providing this gives the guests something to eat before the real meal comes. We offer a countless selection of passed hors d'oeuvres, and this is truly a great way to personalize another aspect of your big day to your liking! 

This portion of the day usually lasts around 30-40 minutes, which is typically just enough time for the bride and groom to finish photos and head back to our stables for dinner!

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We truly cannot recommend a cocktail hour enough, as we have seen the positive affect it can have on the headcount of guests and the overall flow of the day.

If you have any questions about a cocktail hour at Cedar Hall or want to learn more about our estate and all of the things we offer, give us a call 901-377-4099or shoot us an email info [at] cedarhall [dot] com.

Happy planning!

â—‡ Caroline

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