The 5 Love Languages and Your New Spouse

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Did you know that everyone has a specific love language?

Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book called The Five Love Languages which dives deeply into what each of the five love languages mean. It would be beneficial to learn what your significant other's love language is early on in the relationship so that you can love each other more fully. More love = happier marriage!


Words of Affirmation

The first of the five love languages is words of affirmation. If this is your significant other's love language, your frequent words of encouragement and appreciation will go a long way. Think about incorporating a "thank you for making dinner" or "I appreciate you taking out the trash" into your daily routine. Whether you completely understand it or not, these little "I see you and I love you" moments are what this person needs to hear.

Acts of Service

If your significant other's love language is acts of service, you could tell them 5 times a day that you love and appreciate them, and they might not feel it. While it's always a good idea to remind your spouse that you love them, they might hear your words and be thinking, "If you love me why don't you do the dishes without me asking?" Little acts of service like this can make them feel seen, respected, and loved more fully.


Who doesn't love to receive a gift? If your person's love language is gifts, then you can rest assured that they love it even MORE than you do. These gifts don't have to be expensive or elaborate. A simple cards or a bouquet of bright flowers can mean more to them than you realize. The little things are important to them, so be intentional about doing a little something for your loved one every now and then! Also - if gifts speak louder than words for your person, then when they give you a gift, it means a lot to them. Try to match their excitement!

Quality Time

If your special person values quality time above all else, it's extremely important to give them your undivided attention when you're with them. It's simple: put the phone down, silence the busy world around you, and spend time with the person you love.

Physical Touch

For someone who values physical touch, there is much more to it than sexual motives. It's holding hands, touching their arm as they walk by, and showing that you are physically present as much as you are emotionally present. Be intentional in doing these things to make sure your person feels as loved as possible.

By learning your spouse's love language, you are showing that you care about them and desire to know how to love them best. Take the time to figure this out - you will not regret it!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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