Questions That Guests Should Never Ask The Bride

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Believe it or not

There are TONS of questions that you should never ask the bride leading up to the wedding. She is under a lot of stress + she has been planning this event for months. If you find yourself wondering some of these things, either discuss them privately with a member of the wedding party or just keep them to yourself!

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1. Can you make sure not to have your wedding on October 5? We have a trip planned for that week and we really want to see the big day!

2. How much did this wedding cost anyway?

3. Are you paying for any of this or are your parents paying for it all?

4. What table will I be sitting at?

5. How come you didn't invite so-and-so? 

6. When will you start having children?

7. How many karots is your ring?

8. Don't you think that a huge reception is a bit much?

It's up to you!

Bride: these are rude, ridiculous questions. Don't feel like you have to answer any of them! After all, this is your day. Do things the way YOU want to do them.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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