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My fiancé wants me to help pick my engagement ring out. Is that appropriate?

This is all up to you! More than half of engaged couples pick out the ring together or the bride has put some sort of

input into choosing the ring. However, some brides want that fabulous surprise. If that is the case, just give him some

general information about the kind of ring that you would like. For example, if you prefer a silver or gold band and the

type of cut that you like. This way he at least knows the style that you prefer. 

Who do I tell that I am engaged first?

Once he pops the question and the ring is on your finger, tell your parents and family first. Make sure to tell everyone

that you are close to first before you announce it on social media. That could definitely cause some tension if they find

out you are engaged through social media. 


Once you have the ring make sure to call your insurance!!

Most people are not used to wearing such an expensive piece of jewelry. Because of this, brides often forget to insure

their ring. If a ring is not insured and it is lost it cannot be replaced. In addition, if a diamond falls of the money would

come from your pocket. 


Do the bride and grooms’ rings need to match?

They do not need to match because you both have different styles and that is completely okay! A lot of grooms are

starting to wear the black titanium wedding band. This metal is known for its strength. Also, black bands are a symbol

of eternal commitment. 


Whatever type of engagement ring you choose or are surprised with it will be the perfect ring for you!!

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