Postponing or Downsizing Your COVID Wedding

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Having to postpone or downsize your wedding due to the Coronavirus?

First of all, we are so sorry. This has been such a difficult time for so many, and your wedding day is something that is so important. No matter how or when your wedding occurs, keep your eyes on the fact that you are not alone in this, and you will soon be married to your best friend!

The first thing to do: check with your vendors! Every county has different restrictions. Go to the source and don't go with the news that you're hearing by word of mouth. Then, talk to your family. They may be able to shed some light on who can travel.

Be transparent with your wedding party. Let them know that you're having to make some difficult decisions right now and that you will try to keep them informed.


There are a lot of options

The last thing that we would recommend is outright cancelling. Most venues have a no-refund policy. Consider doing a small ceremony with your parents, grandparents, and closest friends, then follow it up a year from now with your dream reception that you've always wanted. You could stream your ceremony live so that guests who could not attend could still watch and participate! 

Consider a wedding in two shifts!

Have the first ceremony followed by a small reception. This could take place a little earlier in the day and it could be geared toward the older guests. Then, have a second reception geared toward the younger group.

Be sure to start contacting your guests as soon as you make your decision. Let them know that you love them and want to keep them safe!



If you are a guest and have been cut from the original guest list, even if you're a cousin or Aunt Suzy, please do not whine, complain, pout, or make rude remarks. Remember, this bride and groom are already grieving because this is happening. You should have one response: "We love you both and we are so happy that you're getting married! We will all celebrate sometime down the road."

Happy Wedding Planning!

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