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The Pond

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Within the 25 acres at Heartwood Hall, one of the most natural attractions is the pond. The pond rests in front of the historic home and to the right of The Barn. It has been used as the back drop for proposals, ceremonies and countless photos of happy couples, showcasing their love. 

The pond is home to a historic cabin, dating as far back as the 1820's. The cabin is a great attraction for guests, as they roam the property. It seems to whisper as it takes you back in time. 

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To the left of the large pond, you'll notice a small bridge, made of stone, connecting two ponds. This is a great place for a couple to stand alone, in their own space, if for just a moment, on their biggest day. 

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When you visit Heartwood Hall, be sure to look closely at the smaller pond. It is shaped like a heart, for Heartwood Hall. This pond was built by owner, John Suthoff to showcase his love for his wife, owner, Denise Suthoff. It was truly a labor of love and will stand as a symbol for all to enjoy.

The pond, the historic cabin, and the surrounding 100 plus towering oak trees, are just a few of the most natural of attractions at Heartwood Hall. It is truly a scenic escape meant to harbor the most affectionate feelings within relationships new and old. 

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