Meet The Pros of Heartwood Hall: Denise

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Meet the wonderful professionals that make Heartwood Hall such a success! Be inspired by their stories and what in their life has uniquely qualified them to have a hand in our couples' communion of marriage. First Up: Owner, Denise Suthoff!

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Denise was a stay-at-home mom, investing in the early years of her babies.

When her last child started kindergarten, she dropped him off determined to get her very first job that day. "I figured I would start at the first business that I came to when I left the school, hoping that I could get something close to my sons. I went in to a realtor company and asked if they were hiring. The broker asked what I could do and I replied, "Anything!" She sat me down at a big switchboard with countless lines coming into it and I started working right that minute. The lesson is: when you want something, just get out there and make it happen."

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That "can-do" spirit has carried on throughout all of Denise's ventures, including Heartwood Hall.

She bought the Heartwood property as her home, 14 years ago, without any intention of turning it into a wedding venue. With a background in interior decorating and a love for antiques, she began to turn the historic estate into a gorgeous retreat.

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About 10 or 11 years ago, Denise's niece called asking to get married on the beautifully restored property.

At that time there was no barn, no formal garden, only the house but what a beautiful day it was! When she saw how perfect Heartwood was for a wedding she knew that she had to share it with other couples. And so began Heartwood Hall.

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The fruits of Denise's labor are showcased in every wedding photo, in every "I do" and in every lasting marriage started on these grounds.

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While she loves being able to share Heartwood with so many, when the celebrations are over, you can find her relishing in the stillness and quietness found on the back porch listening to the sound of the water fountains and the creaking rocking chairs with husband, John Suthoff. 

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Denise and John said "I do" about 10 years ago.

Their love for each other is electric. He fell in love with Denise, and has been committed to her and Heartwood Hall ever since. Their advice to married couples is an oldie but goodie: "Never go to bed angry at each other."

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After being a part of so many wedding days and in getting to know so many young couples, Denise's number one word of advice for the bride and groom is to Relax! "At the end of the day you will be married to the guy or gal that you have waited for all your life."

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Psalms 139: 7-10 inspires and reminds Denise that in life, even when we do mess up, we can never stray so far that God can’t reach us.

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I never imagined that I would have an opportunity to do what we do every week. I wake up every day like I’m in a dream. Life is good.

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We can all be inspired by Denise.

From being a stay-at-home mom to business owner, wife, girl-boss, and friend, Denise has taken each role and made it her mission to give others an experience like no other. 

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Congratulations to our featured couple: Ashley and Peyton | HH Love & All Mine, Stacie DeWitt

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