Looking Forward

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A Message From Denise Suthoff

This is not my typical wedding-related content, but it made a huge impact on me several years ago and I still reflect on it almost daily. I thought, if it made that impact on me, then maybe it's worth sharing.

Everyone has something in their past; either someone hurt you, disappointed you, or said things that scarred you. Maybe the tables turned and you hurt or disappointed someone, or said something you wish you could take back. For so many people, it's something they carry with them and have a difficult time letting go.

I heard a pastor speak on the subject of the past and how so many people have trouble moving forward.

Maybe you've experienced a bad relationship, a business loss, or a betrayal. The question that the pastor asked was, "do you become bitter, blame others, and let the past poison your future? Or do you shake it off knowing that your best days are still ahead?"

He used this visual.

Imagine you're in your car. There's a very big windshield in the front and a very small rear view mirror. The reason the front windshield is so big and the rear view is so small is because what happened in the past is not nearly as important as what's coming in your future. Where you're going is a lot more important than where you've been. The further you drive away from what's behind you, the smaller it gets.

There are good things ahead for all of us.

Take care and remember to keep looking forward. Happy Wedding Planning!

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