It Takes Two To Decide

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There are a ton of things that you can decide on your own, but there are some things that need to be decided on as a couple.


The wedding party

Bride: don't go out and recruit 12 girls to be bridesmaids only to find out that the groom only has 4 groomsmen. Believe it or not, the wedding party plays a big role in your wedding, so make sure you discuss it.

The first dance

Maybe you were on the dance squad and can't wait to choreograph an elaborate first dance, but your guy might be strictly a slow-dance guy. Don't give him an anxiety attack by trying to make him remember something crazy! Try to compromise and find something that will make you both happy and comfortable.

The venue

This will always be remembered as the place you got married. You'll make all kinds of sweet memories at this place, so make sure its somewhere that you both agree on.

The honeymoon

Groom: don't try to surprise her with a week-long scuba diving trip if she hates the water, or insist on a cruise if the other one gets sea sick. Whatever you plan, plan it together! In the end, you will both have so much more fun if your dream destination doesn't make the other uncomfortable.

The ceremony style

One of you might prefer a very religious ceremony, or wants to write your own vows, while the other is so shy that the idea of reading vows that they have written would make them literally sick. Make sure you're on the same page! The ceremony is one of the most important parts of the wedding day. If there's one thing you should both agree on, it's HOW you will start your lives together.

The registry

This should be done together. After all, you will both be living in the same home together. The things you choose should represent both of your styles!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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