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With the seasons changing and temperatures dropping, deciding whether to have your wedding indoors or outdoor can be tricky. There are many pros and cons to both, and we are here to help make this decision a little less stressful for you!


Outdoor Weddings

One of the things that sets Evergrove Estates apart is our multiple locations for ceremonies. Our most popular location would have to be our four seasons garden. Picturesque as can be and covered in lush blooms, it's simply the perfect spot to say your "I dos". Florists love to decorate our atrium and create the most beautiful backdrop for brides and grooms. As beautiful as it is, there is abundant opportunity to decorate and customize it to fit your style! During the cooler months, we have large space heaters which can warm the area to ensure the guest's comfort, so don't worry about cool fall and winter weather!

Something not everyone realizes about Evergrove Estates is that you can also have your ceremony beside our beautiful lake at Heartwood Hall. Covered by hundred-year-old trees, it is the perfectly quaint spot to tie the knot. This spot is particularly great in the summer because the area is shaded and keeps your guests cool. One of the greatest advantages to this spot is the fact that that you can truly make it your own. Because there are no large statement pieces, you can create whatever backdrop you have envisioned and it will be totally unique to you! 

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Indoor Weddings

We absolutely LOVE indoor weddings! At Heartwood Hall, we receive a lot of questions asking "What do I do if it rains on the day of the wedding?" or "What if it is colder or warmer outside than we thought it would be?" and the answer is simple...move it inside the barn! With six central heat and air units, the barn can be as warm or as cool as you want it to be.

Just as picturesque as our outdoor locations, a ceremony inside the barn is equally as stunning! Florists have endless opportunity to design and decorate our barn however you envision and the florals truly make the barn unique to every couple. We also love to keep the barn decorated, which keeps you from having to buy and DIY little knickknacks to make sure the room looks full. Another positive to having your wedding indoors is the availability. Naturally, there are more open dates for your wedding if you decide to have it indoors! 

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Whether you decide to have your wedding indoors or outdoors, it will truly be beautiful no matter what at Heartwood Hall. We have seen stunning Winter wedding help inside the barn, and we have seen beautiful Summer weddings down by the lake.

In addition to our exquisite venues, we offer full-service wedding planning services in Memphis. We will help to create the wedding of your dreams, down to every last detail.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what we offer at Heartwood Hall, give us a call at 901.377.4099 or email us at info [at] heartwoodhall [dot] com and we would love to chat!

Happy planning!

â—‡ Caroline

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