How to Personalize Your Wedding

From happenings in the wedding industry to real weddings at Evergrove Estates, we’re here to provide you with all the bridal inspo that you could need!

There’s no true guide book on how to plan the perfect wedding.  That’s because no two weddings are alike.  While planning, it’s easy to get swept up in the bustle and forget what your wedding is really about:  You!  In fact, we recommend taking care to incorporate small personal touches into your wedding that will remind you of each other.  You won’t regret it!


Get Creative With Invitations

Your invitations are an important touchstone of your wedding.  Oftentimes, they’re the first point of contact between you and your guests.  They list all of the important details and if you choose to do physical invitations will be something that they send back to you.  A great way to add a personal touch to your wedding is to create a theme that begins with the invitations.  If you both like to travel, maybe your invitations should look like a passport.  If you got engaged at the summit of a mountain, consider adding an engraving or even shaping your invitations as if they were mountains.

Remember, invitations often become a favorite keepsake for a couple’s scrapbook, so choose something that means something to you!

Choose a Location That Represents You As a Couple

Destination weddings are an awesome way to say I Do.  And the destination is an even better way to really showcase your passions as a couple.  If you love the water, surfing and sun, you might consider having your ceremony or reception on a beach.  Lodges in the mountains are also a popular option.  This decision can really make for some interesting choices.

Others prefer to stay closer to home for the convenience of the bride and groom, family, and friends. Some of our favorite close-to-home venue settings include:

  • Barns

  • Breweries

  • Antique Shops

  • Manor Homes

  • Gardens

    While some of these spots seem unconventional, we feel like having your wedding in a place that is special to the couple leaves more of a lasting impression on your guests and on the couples themselves.  If you pick an unusual destination for your wedding, don’t skimp on the photography!

    Beetle Couple

    Food is one of our favorite parts of a wedding.  Nothing tops off a joyful event like a yummy hors d’oeuvre or a juicy steak!  For the foodie couple, this is an opportune time to showcase their favorite bites.  Food can be as fancy or as down-home as you want and doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable.  Many couples choose to have their favorite restaurant cater their wedding, or have a family member contribute a dish that’s special to them.  Be considerate to your guests, but also make sure you’re getting a bite of something you enjoy.  It’s your wedding, live it up!

    Consider a Specialty Cocktail

    This is a trend we love and encourage.  If you decide to have a bar of any kind, offering a signature drink is the perfect way to slip in a little something special for you and your guests.  You can even talk to your caterer or venue about crafting a completely custom cocktail.  Fresh and seasonal ingredients are not only delicious.  A craft cocktail is a great way to cool off for a warm-weather outdoor wedding or warm up in the cooler months.  Show your friends and family a taste of your personality with this fun and memorable idea.

    Wedding Cocktail

    Incorporate Pets

    Our furry friends are more than just pets, they’re family too!  Many outdoor venues allow for pets and other animals to be part of the ceremony.  But if Fido can’t be your ring bearer, there are other ways to incorporate your fuzzy companions into your wedding without needing a lint roller for your tux.  Consider having a picture of your animal as a centerpiece at your ceremony, or including personalized pet tags as placeholders for seating.  A well-placed paw print can be very charming.  There are also many small businesses on sites like Etsy that can make custom cake toppers that include you, your partner, and your fur babies.

    Personalize Thank You Gifts

    If we can give one piece of advice, make your thank you gift count.  Don’t provide your guests with anything they’re going to have to haul back home or protect on a long plane ride.  Items like koozies, stickers, buttons, and other items like these quickly get discarded or stuffed into a drawer and forgotten.

    Instead of material items, give your guests something they can use or consume.  Small wine splits that can be enjoyed later, a beautifully frosted cookie, a muffin for them to nosh on the next morning, or something along those lines will be much more appreciated.  If you absolutely must have a can cozy, then have them made for your own household.

    In 2020, hand sanitizer and personalized masks were popular thank you gifts.  Both of these items are practical and get used much more than those custom bumper stickers you were agonizing over.

    Take Some Time Between The Ceremony and the Reception For You

    Our final tip might be our most important one.  By the time your big day rolls around, you’ll feel as though you’ve been shot out of a cannon.  When you’re planning, we recommend leaving a small gap of time between the reception and the ceremony for you both to catch your breath and actually see one another.

    Even if it’s just 15 minutes, you’ll be thankful that you have that time together to really appreciate one another and prepare for the reception.  If you have any extra minutes to spare, you might even consider planning a small bite to eat.  We’ve heard more than one bride say that they were so busy with friends and family that they forgot to eat, and fainting on your wedding day isn’t a good look.

    Again, take a breather and straighten your tie.  Your guests won’t miss you for those few minutes.

    Couple Personal Time

    Evergrove Estates Helps You Plan

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