How to Have a Charitable Wedding

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If the holidays and Christmas have you all warm-hearted and you're looking for ways to give, why not start with your big day? You can use your big day to spread a little good in the world. Below are 5 simple and easy ways to host a charitable wedding.

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1. Donate your flowers.

After your wedding, what are you going to do with those gorgeous flowers? Traditionally, they're either thrown away or taken home to wilt while you're away on your honeymoon. Instead, you can donate them to a nursing home. I guarantee if you call any nursing home, they would love to have your flowers as well as a smiling face to drop them by. You could really brighten up the space shared by the elderly and their caretakers. Have a couple of friends or family members designated to take the arrangements for you and call ahead to the home of your choice to find out when the best time for your gracious delivery would be.

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2. Offer OneHope wine at your reception.

Each bottle of wine you purchase from OneHope benefits a different charitable organization. The charity is listed on the label. Check out their website

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3. Have The Mighty Electric St. Jude Band play at your reception.

The St. Jude Band is made up of St. Jude employees who play solely for the benefit of St Jude Children's Research Hospital. By hiring The St. Jude Band, your guests can get down to the good stuff while helping save lives of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. Check out their website to book

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4. Instead of providing a wedding favor, make a donation to the charity of your choice.

How many weddings have you gone to where you took a favor (usually with the couple's name on it) and thrown it away shortly after. Even when the favor is a sweet treat, we've already had a meal and cake, we're good! Do something more with your money and donate what you would've spent on favors to those in need. We'll create a custom chalkboard or mirror sign to display so your guests will know your heart. It will also be a great advertisement for your charity to all of your guests. Who knows, you may start a chain reaction! 

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5. This may be the cutest option there is. Brace yourself. Have puppies, kitties or dogs from the local shelter attend your ceremony.

You can have them welcome guests as guest book attendants with a couple of responsible (human) guest book attendants. You can have the flower girl and ring bearer carry a couple of deserving pups down the aisle. If you have more than the kiddos can handle, have the groomsmen carry them or walk them at the ceremony. They'll be on display for guests to fall in love with. Have the folks from the shelter there with adoption information. While you're starting a new life with the love of your life, an animal in need may just find their new life with one of your guests.  

There are so many ways to give back on your big day! Have fun with it and incorporate your values. Let your light shine even brighter than it already will with your perfect makeup and gorgeous gown. Your guests will surely be impressed by your kindness and compassion and those in need will surely be grateful.

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