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Gifts from the Bride to Groom

Whatever it is be sure to include a love letter. Take your time and write it before it becomes your wedding week.  

Cologne is always a good idea to get the groom. Choose his favorite or one that you will love on him. Cuff lings for the

wedding day can be a sweet and thoughtful gift. You can also have his wedding ring engraved inside as a surprise. A

nice pair of sunglasses for the honeymoon is always a good idea, and you could call ahead to the resort and book a

couple’s massage. 

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Gifts from the Groom to the Bride

Ideas for the groom to the bride can include jewelry, a pair of earrings or a necklace. The maid of honor can be a great

person to go to for help if you are not sure on what gift to get her. One idea can be to get her little gifts throughout the

wedding day. Including a letter in the morning, accessories after, and finishing it with a new perfume.  

There are plenty of items to give to your significant other on the day of the wedding. Be creative and remember that

whatever you get them they will cherish it forever. 

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