Everything You Need to Know About Your Bridal Registry

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Our topic today is wedding registries. This includes our top seven tips and tricks, so your guests feel comfortable buying a perfect wedding gift for you and your future spouse. 

 1.   Is a registry rude?

 Having a registry is NOT RUDE!! In fact, it is extremely helpful to guests who do not know what to get you. However, announcing your registry is completely different than putting it on your invitations. Putting your registry on your invitations is considered rude and should be avoided. 

 2.   How soon before the wedding?    

 It is important to create your registry seven to nine months in advance of your wedding. It seems early, but there will be bridal showers and different parties where guests would like access to your registry in order to find a gift that they know you want. 

 3.   What if I decide not to register?

If you decide not to register that is completely fine! It is your wedding after all! Most guests will just assume to give you cash or gift cards. Although you should be prepared for some random gifts, that you may or may not have heard of! 

 4.   What do guests feel comfortable spending?

When selecting items to put on your registry, make sure there is a good variety of price ranged gifts. The average price of a wedding gift is one hundred and thirty dollars but not everyone can afford something that expensive. In order to make sure all price ranges for gifts are included, you can divide your registry in thirds starting with fifty dollars and ending at one hundred in fifty dollars. This way everyone can find the perfect gift for you and be comfortable with the price. 

 5.   How many things should I put on my registry? 

Typically, it is suggested that you have two times the amount of presents as you do guests. If you have one hundred in fifty guests, consider having three hundred items on your registry.          

6.   What to avoid putting on your registry

Some things you should definitely not put on your list includes personal items such as clothing, a new phone, and shoes. Do not ask for things that are too lavish and pricy and try to avoid asking for things that you will box up and put away a year later. Remember your guests are buying you items for your new home not to gift you with the latest technology. 

7.   Your right-hand women

Your mom or grandma could be a perfect source to talk to about planning your registry. After all, they have been running a household for many years and know things that you will use every single day. 

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