Do You Really Need a Wedding Coordinator?

From happenings in the wedding industry to real weddings at Evergrove Estates, we’re here to provide you with all the bridal inspo that you could need!

In short, absolutely.

There are SO many moving parts on the day of your wedding. Your coordinator will handle your rehearsal and will work out all of the small, pesky details with you long before your wedding day.

She will ask questions like, "How many bridesmaids are you having?" "How do you want them lined up and paired to the groomsmen?" "Are there any step parents? If so, how do you want them seated?"

Any question that could potentially rear its ugly head will be nailed down ahead of time.


They also coordinate...

With your DJ or band for the introductions of the bridal party.

The first dances.

The opening of the buffet.

The cutting of the cake.

Even the exit for the bride and groom.

Our coordinators at Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall even prepare a box of food for the bride and groom to take to the hotel as well as two pieces of cake (many couples say that the only wedding cake that they tasted on their wedding day was the one bite that they put in each other's mouths).

At the end of the day, you definitely do need a day-of wedding coordinator. This will give you an extra layer of peace and comfort knowing that all of the little details are ironed out and in someone else's hands.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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