Do I Really Need a Videographer for my Wedding? Yes, yes, and YES!

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While photos are fabulous, they cannot capture movement and sound. To be able to have your vows, first dance, andyour dad’s toast all on video is something you will never regret. I promise you will watch it countless times. I know it might be hard to imagine now, but your kids and grandkids will still be watching it years from now. You will see your wedding party walk down the aisle. Your groom opening the gift you got him and the letter you wrote for him. Everything you did not get to see as you waited to walk down the aisle will be on that video. 

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Make sure to hire a professional who can edit well and set the video to your favorite music.  It will be a priceless heirloom to you. It will capture heart touching and hilarious moments; you will cry and laugh every time you watch it. I know it is an added expense when you are already overloaded. But, as a bride once told me, she wanted a videographer so badly that she and the groom went without latte’s every day and skipped movie theater nights. Whatever it took, and I know they will never regret it. 

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 Plus, they are so easy to share now! Family members that could not attend the wedding due to age, illness, or distance can watch the video and feel like they were actually there. With a front row seat to your entire day. So many couples say the day went by in a blur. They worked so hard on all the little details for a year leading up to the wedding. The video makes all the small details worthwhile. A video is a great way to relive your perfect day again, again, and again!

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