Conversations You Need to Have Before Your Wedding

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Kids vs. No Kids

How many kids to they want? Although, this usually changes after you have one! Are they open to adoption if you need or want to? Do they want kids right away or in 5 years? Knowing these things will help answer your questions ahead of time as well as adjust your expectations.



Moral values - it may not seem very important, but as children start arriving, it gets more critical. You're ultimately deciding how they will be raised. Be sure to consider this before tying the knot!


Money and Careers

Finances are one of the greatest sources of contention in marriage. Decide now whether you'll pool your money or keep separate accounts. No one has a perfect answer on this. The main things to remember are to live within your budget, be responsible, and communicate.

Discuss careers! If you see yourself in 5 years climbing the corporate ladder, but your future spouse imagined you homeschooling your children, these are things that need to be discussed.


Deal Breakers

If there's something that drives you nuts, now is the time to make that known. Example: you may absolutely hate him flirting with other women, or maybe she smokes and it drives you crazy. You might be thinking, "They'll quit after we get married." Probably not! So make these expectations known on the front end.

Ideally, get premarital counseling. However, if you tend to do everything on the computer, The Knot has an app called Lasting which offers guided relationship counseling. This is definitely worth a look!

Remember - communication is #1. Happy Wedding Planning!


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