The Wedding Song for YOU!

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There are literally millions of love songs

Of all the possible songs that you and your fiancé could choose, you need to find the right one for both of you! Here are the top #10 wedding songs for 2020.



At Last by Etta James is the 10th most popular song to play at your wedding. Originally recorded in 1942, this classic with take you back! It will give you goose bumps every time you hear it.


Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs. If you're a country music lover or even if you're not, this song is for you. Listen to the lyrics - you will love it!


I Get To Love You by Ruelle. This romantic ballad will be sure to bring tears to the eyes of your family members and friends. Get the tissues ready, this one is sweet!


Love Someone by Lucas Graham. If you're looking for something more upbeat, this one is for you! Don't worry, it still has that emotional punch that we all know and love.


Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Last year over 12% of weddings featured one of Ed Sheeran's songs at their reception. That's a lot of love!


A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. This song has a simple piano and a gorgeous melody which make it a PERFECT wedding song. Plus, the timing is perfect for walking down the aisle!


I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. All of Jason Mraz's music will make you think of your loved one, so what better time to play it than at your wedding!


All of Me by John Legend. This one is super sweet and the fact that he wrote it for his wife truly makes it #CoupleGoals!


Perfect by Ed Sheeran. This song would be absolutely perfect for your first dance or for walking down the aisle. As we mentioned, Ed Sheeran is always a good idea!


Memphis's own Elvis Presley song, I Can't Help Falling in Love. This song is a classic. You'll hear it often, so you'll get to reminisce on your wedding day every time!

No matter what song you choose, music and romance go hand in hand.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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