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In years past, many couples have chosen to have their first look in a private location hidden away from all distractions.

These precious moments always make for the sweetest photos and memories that last a lifetime. Not to mention, photographers love them because they allow plenty of time for the bride and groom to simply be together on a day dedicated to them without feeling as though they have to rush away to entertain their guests. 

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While many couples want to have a special time dedicated to a first look with their future spouse, some couples want to save their first look of their wedding day for the walk down the aisle, which is fine! But why not set aside a few minutes to having a first look with the other people you love? 

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083 First Look Blog

Because we love these tender moments so much, let's create as many of them as possible!

When a father sees his daughter for the first time on the day he gives her away, there are sure to be emotions and sentiments galore! A bridesmaid may see her lifelong bestie all dressed up for her special day and be engulfed by happy tears. Capturing these endearing moments could mean so much for not only the couple but for family and friends as well. Not to mention, these pictures are sure to be the sweetest!

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Thankfully, Heartwood Hall's property has tons of locations for the potential first looks.

Whether that be walking down the aisle in our Four Seasons Garden or hidden away in our romantic and serene cabin which dates back to 1820! Photographers are constantly finding new spots on the property to photograph; they never fail to amaze us. Because you are welcome to utilize any part of the property you choose on your wedding day, the photo ops are endless! 

It's easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of things on your wedding day.

Taking in and savoring every last detail would be nearly impossible! Thankfully, with intentional times like these set aside, you’re sure to savor every moment with the people you love on your big day. 

Happy planning!

â—‡ Caroline


085 First Look Blog

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