A Day to Remember

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Weddings are such a joyous, happy time but are also a time for reflection, memories, and being with the people you love most.


131 Day To Remember

I think every bride gets sentimental, and maybe even a bit emotional, on her wedding day.

She would love to find a way to honor her mom, dad, and maybe even her grandparents as she begins her new life. The good news is, there are so many neat ways to honor your loved ones without breaking the bank! After all, this is coming from the heart. If no one knows about it except for the bride, that's okay too.

Many brides love to think about what their mom may have looked like on her wedding day. Some may even choose to alter their mother's wedding dress, but for most girls that's not really feasible. It's just not their style! But here are 5 ways to involve your mother and father on your biggest day.

132 Day To Remember

5 ways to involve your parents on your biggest day

1. Have your florist wrap the stems of your bridal bouquet in a piece of lace from your mom's gown.

2. I love this idea for your "something blue'". Find one of your dad's blue shirts that he always wore and have a small heart shape cut from the fabric and  sewn inside your wedding gown.

3. Another sweet idea is to create a keepsake garter made with the lace from your mother's gown.

4. One of the best ideas for your "something blue" is to have your monogram with your new hubby sewn into the underside of your gown. Nobody has to know it's there, but someday it will be a precious thing that you will treasure.

5. One last idea, and I LOVE this one! If you can get your hands on your mom's gown, your new mother-in-law's gown, or maybe even your grandmother's gown, display them on dress forms as people enter the reception or have them on display somewhere at the venue. If you have it, display a photo of them with the gown on! While it would be a bit of extra work, talk about a super unique idea! I think your guests would love looking at them and reminiscing on your own mom or grandma on her wedding day.

133 Day To Remember

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to have fun with it.

Happy wedding planning,

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